Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Collaborative Map of Aix

Here is a collaborative mapping tool that might be useful for placing dorm, apartment, shopping, transportation markers on the map of Aix-en-Provence. You can also add descriptive text, websites, images, audio, and video to the marker. I have placed a couple markers as an illustration.

Map is in the right margin for your convenience. It is easiest to view and add markers in the full screen mode so click the Open Map link beneath the map (margin) for best results.

•The map is public to view but you will need to login with a password (see Dominique) to add a marker.
•The interface is pretty self explanatory.
Open Map and click Add Marker. Login.
•Type address or find the location on the map yourself.
•There is a Legend at the bottom and a List of Markers in the thin blue strip on the right (hide/show).
•To edit a marker, click on the Title in the info bubble.
•To delete a marker, click on the Advanced > Markers > Delete

Open Map

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